FAQ & Policy & Information

In order to provide our customers with a secure and safe shopping experience, we must make sure our customers' billing address matches with the credit card information. If the information does not match, the following procedure will be performed to verify credit card information: 1) Call credit card issuing bank directly for information verification. 2) Contact credit card holder to request for valid billing information, then contact car issuing bank to verify if updated information matches. Delays may occur if above actions were taken to verify customer's billing information. If for any reason we cannot verify customer's billing information in five working days, then the order will be cancelled automatically.

To provide our customers with the freedom of sending gifts directly to the receiver, we will ship orders to different address other than the billing address. Order can only be shipped to the same country as provided in the billing information; when the customer uses a shipping address other than the billing address, we will require the customer to fill in the phone number where we can reach the customer directly for verification. Please note that the verification process will have small delays on processing the order, but we believe this is necessary to provide a secure environment for our customers. If we are unable to reach the customer in five working days to verify information, then the order will be cancelled automatically. This also applies to international orders.

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