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Gift Certificate purchasing works differently from purchasing our jewelry products; once certificate activation completes, it will work the same way as cash in our store. We offer certificate with amount of $50, $100, $150, and $200, we only accept payment in advance for purchasing our gift certificate by credit card.

To ensure the certificate will be process correctly, please read the instruction below: Purchaser must complete the order form of gift certificate with required information; billing information including credit card holder's name, credit card number, CVV code, expiration date, billing address and telephone number must match the record of your credit card issuer. If billing information does not match the record, the order of gift certificate will cancel automatically.

Purchaser also needs to complete recipient's information correctly; it is very important that the recipient's email is valid, because only this email address can receive and activate gift certificate. If recipient's email address is invalid, our system will not be able to email gift certificate to recipient, and it will result in automatic cancellation.

After receiving the gift certificate order permission, we will process the payment with information provided. There are two situations that may occur:

  • Credit card declined: purchaser will be notified via email, and certificate order will be cancelled automatically.
  • Credit card approved: Both purchaser and recipient will be notified via email. Purchaser will be notified that order was process successfully, and gift certificate has been email to recipient for acceptance or rejection. Recipient will receive email indicates someone has send him/her a gift certificate, also will be asked to accept and activate certificate or to reject and return the gift.
To purchase products with gift certificate, you will be asked to enter correct recipient's email address, Gift Certificate Serial Number, and Gift Certificate ID Number. If total purchase amount exceed the gift certificate amount, you will be required to pay the difference. If total purchase amount is less than gift certificate amount, you can simply check out without providing payment information. The remaining credit will be saved in your gift certificate, and it can be used in your next purchase.
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