FAQ & Policy & Information

1. Do I need to become a member to make a purchase? 
No, membership is not required to make purchase. However, members receive great benefits.

2. How do I register to become a Miaarte.com member? 

Simply click the "Create an Account" on top of the page. Then simply enter your information to become a member.

3. How do I access my Miaarte.com account? 
The "Login" section is located at the top-right corner of our pages. You will be asked to enter your login ID and password. Once you logged in, you will be able to access your account.

4. What are my payment options? 
We accept credit card, personal check, or money order as payments. Payment with money order or personal check is ONLY available for USA customers and requires up to 7 business days (after date received) for personal checks to be cleared by the bank before we can actually process the order. The credit card information of submitted purchase orders will be sent through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and will ensure that your information is kept confidentially and securely.

5. When do I pay for the sale taxes on the purchases? 
Only orders ship to addresses within California will be charged 8.75% sales tax. The sales tax will be calculated automatically when you check out of your shopping cart.

6. What are my shipping options and rates? 

Our shipping options to US addresses are: USPS First Class Mail ($2.95), USPS Priority Mail ($6.95), USPS Express Mail ($19.95). Shipping options to Canada: USPS First Class Mail ($9.95) and USPS Priority Mail ($21.95). Shipping fee to all other countries with USPS Priority Mail is $25.95). All rates include shipping and handling charges.

7. How do I qualify for free shipping? 
For orders ship to US address, when you purchase $75.00 or more, your order will automatically qualify for free shipping for USPS Priority Mail., and only $13 for USPS Express Mail. We currently do not offer free shipping to international customers.

8. How long does it take to receive my order?

Please allow approximate 5 ~ 7 business days for USPS First Class Mail delivery, 3 business days for USPS Priority Mail , up to 2 business days for USPS express Mail. For customers in Canada, up to 10 business days for USPS First Class Mail, and 5 business days for USPS Priority Mail. Shipping to all other countries will take 7 days to deliver the packages.

9. How do I check the status of my orders? 
Go to "Order History" to check the details of your orders.

10. How do I measure the size of my finger?

1. Cut a straight
    strip of paper
    about 3 inches
2. Warp around the
    paper strip on
    your finger.
3. Mark on where
    the end meets
    the paper strip.
    Do not make it
    too tight.
4. Measure the
    length of the
    paper strip from
    beginning to the

If you are using different country size measuring other than U.S., please convert it into U.S. sizes, our website does not calculate nor convert sizes of different countries. Please see table for US size before placing order.

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